Friday, 8 April 2011

A day in Dresden – 5th Day

A white landscape

The first thing that comes into my mind, when I think of the 5th day of the tour is a white landscape, full with snow, with deer running free in the countryside. Where was that place? It was somewhere between Czech Republic and Saxony.  And what was our destination? It was the beautiful Dresden. 


The journey to Dresden was very relaxing, as we were listening to Vienna’s symphony orchestra. Nikos, our tour guide, was in a good mood and told us a lot of things about our new destination. According to Nikos, the best music instruments of classical music are manufactured in Saxony. Weaving and wood carving are also developed, while there are a lot of factories producing watches and porcelains. Speaking of porcelains, I remember a wall, in the center of Dresden, ornamented with tiles portraying a parade with horses and knights. I liked it, because it is well preserved.

Tiles Art

Speaking of sights, the most famous statue is the golden sculpture of August the Strong. Also, the most famous sight is the Palace in the center of Dresden. It is surrounded by museums, including the art museum, the one with porcelains and the armor museum. The Palace is built in Baroque style and it has a big garden, where celebrations and weddings of noble people and turneries were taken place some hundred years ago. It is said that during each feast, there were six lunches with so much food that people couldn’t stand it, so they vomit in some spots in the garden, designed for that purpose.

The Palace's Garden

To be honest, my memories from Dresden are a little bit “frozen”. The weather was so cold that during our free time as a group, I went to a nice restaurant and ate a nice hot soup. But the best part of that lunch was the dessert, a traditional, tasteful apple strudel!


Dresden is a city that I would like to visit again, but in a season with a better weather. I liked the style of this city and especially the view of the Elbe River. I think it is a place, where you should spend at least 3 days. Who knows,  I might visit it again…

Elbe River

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