Thursday, 24 March 2011

Prague – 3rd day of the trip

Prague Castle's View

The third day of the trip started with a 3 hour driving from Vienna to Prague. I admit that the road wasn’t very good in some spots, as it was a little bit bumpy. Nevertheless, we arrived at Prague. The tour started from the Prague Castle. Being at the top of a hill, the Prague Castle had an amazing, panoramic view of the city. Regarding this Castle, it isn’t just a simple castle, but it is a set of palaces, churches and museums representing the Gothic style of the city.

After that, we went downhill at the most famous bridge in Prague, the Charles Bridge. Nowadays, it is a very touristic, pedestrian zone, under which flows the Moldova River. A tower is standing on each end of the bridge and there are Baroque statues on its sides, including the famous statue of Saint John. It is said that if you make a wish and touch this statue, then your wish will come true. I didn’t touch the statue, but I made a wish while crossing the bridge.  I don’t know about yours, but mine acts out this period and I am very happy for that!

Saint John

Moldova River

The last sight that I visited that day was the Astronomical Clock. Don’t ask me to tell you what time it is using that clock, because only its creator probably can. The attraction of this sight is that every hour the clock clinks and the 12 Apostle come out of the clock, while trumpets sound. You shouldn’t miss that sight, but be careful of the pocket thieves while you are waiting for that clink.

Astronomical Clock

Generally speaking, Prague is like a city coming from a fairytale and this becomes even more noticeable during the night, when the light strikes its sights. 

Prague by night

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