Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vienna, Prague and Budapest - my first tour in 2011

This year started with a fascinating, eight days tour in three wonderful cities of Europe – Vienna, Prague and Budapest. I departed from Athens on 02/01/2011. The flight to Vienna was pretty good and the view from the airplane was unique. I was lucky to sit close to the window and take a photo of the blue/white skyline.

Thinking of the two days that I stayed in Vienna, two things come into my mind the panoramic view of the city from the Danube Tower and the concert of classical music that I had the chance to watch. Although I will keep my impression of that city for a later post, I would like to admit that I could easily leave Greece and stay in Vienna for a couple of years.

I forgot to mention that this was my first time I traveled with a group. Generally I had a great time, but there were times that I was annoyed by the behavior of some people and especially in Prague, where the hotel’s service wasn’t very good and there was a lot of whining from the group. Nevertheless, Prague is a fairytale city and with a good company you can have wonderful moments. You will find out why I am saying that in another post.

The last city of the tour was Budapest. I have never been in such a romantic place before in my life. The cruise at Danube was marvelous and the feast with the Hungarian gypsy dancers was unforgettable. I wish I had stayed longer in that city, because two nights is a very short time.

Vienna, Prague and Budapest, a trip that I will always remember!

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